Chairman, CrowdSmart Inc.

Kim Polese is the Executive Chairman and co-founder of CrowdSmart, an AI-powered cloud service that radically improves organizational decision-making using scalable collective intelligence on demand. Kim co-founded IoT pioneer Marimba, and as CEO and Chairman led the company to profitability, an IPO and a successful acquisition. Today, Marimba is one of the world’s leading IoT platforms, delivering three billion endpoint updates annually to a wide range of consumer devices, appliances and vehicles. Kim was the founding product manager of Java and led its launch at Sun Microsystems. Earlier, she was an applications engineer at Stanford spinout IntelliCorp, the first AI company to go public, where she helped Fortune 100 companies implement expert systems. She received her bachelor’s degree in Biophysics from the University of California at Berkeley, completed post-baccalaureate study in Computer Science at the University of Washington and was awarded an honorary doctorate in Business and Economics from California State University. Kim is a faculty instructor at the University of California at Berkeley, serves on the board of the Long-Term Stock Exchange and advises numerous early-stage companies. An Aspen Institute Fellow, Kim is the recipient of numerous awards and honors including Forbes “Most Influential Women in Silicon Valley,” Information Week’s “Top Technology Executives,” and Time Magazine’s “25 Most Influential Americans”.