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Can An Exchange Drive Progress?

An innovative exchange created to champion and reward purpose-driven companies

The Long-Term Stock Exchange was built to change capitalism on a broad scale and tackle the system where the rules are made and the incentive systems play out: exchanges. Exchanges are effective and proactive drivers of governance, accountability, and performance in the US capital markets system.

How we are different

SEC-approved listing principles
Only listings principles approved by the SEC to support a long-term focus.
Proprietary investor alignment strategies
Designed to support better alignment with high-quality investors.
A community focused on the long-term
Recognition of belonging to a group of leaders who share similar values and goals.
Why list with LTSE?

Enjoy tangible market benefits  

We provide each company that dual-lists on our Exchange with proprietary tools and customized support, putting the full weight of LTSE’s capital market and marketing teams behind your company’s long-term prosperity. 

Understand which investors are right for you

Our Capital Markets team conducts investor targeting analysis for each listed company that chooses to use the service, with proprietary tools to align you with investors that will help drive your company’s long-term focus.
How Investor alignment works:
  • We analyze the behavior of your current and potential investors
  • We look at fund managers’ holding behavior—at the individual portfolio level—to identify investors with a history of holding long-term
  • We provide you with actionable investor engagement, targeting, and positioning strategies
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Focusing on the long-term drives business performance

Adopting purpose-based, long-term behavior is vital for public companies to achieve enduring prosperity by positively impacting stock market performance, market value, firm value, and shareholder wealth creation.
Stock market performance is 4.8% stronger annually in companies who pursue sustainability over the long-term than those who do not. 1
Public companies which had the most long-term-oriented shareholders generated 95% more market value during the post-2008 recovery period than their peers. 2
High levels of stakeholder orientation are associated with a 3.5% increase in firm value. 3

1 Robert G. Eccles, Ioannis Ioannou, and George Serafeim, “The Impact of Corporate Sustainability on Organizational Processes and Performance,” Management Science 60, no. 11 (November 2014)

2 Investment Alignment Primer, Long-Term Stock Exchange, slide 12 (2023)

3 Martijn Cremers, Scott Guernsey, and Simone M. Sepe, “Stakeholder Orientation and Firm Value,” SSRN Scholarly Paper (December 27, 2019).

Our principles

Succeed today and long into the future with LTSE

Our principles act as listing standards for our exchange. To list, each company curates policies to fulfill these principles. We provide high-touch support to listed companies to ensure their policies meet the listing principles.
Broad Accountability
Long-term focused companies should consider a broader group of stakeholders and the critical role they play in one another’s success.
Long-term focused companies should measure success in years and decades and prioritize long-term decision making.
Principled Compensation
Long-term focused companies should align executive compensation and board compensation with long-term performance.
Shared Vision
Boards of directors of long-term focused companies should be engaged in and have explicit oversight of long-term strategy.
Shareholder Engagement
Long-term focused companies should engage with their long-term shareholders.

Changing the world isn’t easy, but you’re not alone

The Long-Term Stock Exchange is more than an exchange; it’s a dynamic community of inspired leaders working to build a better future for capitalism. We champion the next generation of visionary leaders and companies by actively:  

-Partnering  with you to develop strategic, integrated programs to drive measurable, impactful outcomes

-Working with you to raise stakeholder awareness of the long-term commitments you have made

-Sponsoring forums where like-minded leaders can support each other
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