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LTSE is an innovative business ecosystem on a mission to reimagine the role of capital markets to advance more equitable and sustainable societies. 
Our Ecosystem

Empowering purpose-driven
companies to prosper and endure

We provide visionary businesses with everything they need to achieve alignment with investors, fulfill their long-term vision, and serve a broader group of stakeholders.

Equity Management

Gives leaders everything they need to accurately and efficiently manage equity through all stages of growth.
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Setting higher business standards by focusing on businesses and investors committed to long-term impact.
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Giving founders and executives a place to connect with and learn from fellow purpose-driven pioneers.
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Our story

In pursuit of business that benefits the common good—and the bottom line

Eric Ries, entrepreneur, author, and founder of LTSE, saw a problem: today’s financial market forces businesses to prioritize short-term gains over everything else, generating volatility and preventing businesses from serving anyone but their shareholders.
Better business requires a system that incentivizes better practices, so Eric created LTSE, an ecosystem where serving multiple stakeholders—from local communities to the environment— is not only possible, but rewarded. LTSE empowers companies to make decisions that benefit the world, ultimately fostering a new financial system that generates value for all.
Eric Ries, Founder and  Executive Chairman
Our principles

A revolutionary set of SEC-approved principles

Principles are what differentiate LTSE from all other listing or trading venues. They provide the framework for your company to build a set of standards and policies that reflect who you are and how you want to be viewed by the world. Filed with and approved by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), these principles reflect innovative corporate governance, and drive a long-term focus.
Broad Accountability
Long-term focused companies should consider a broader group of stakeholders and the critical role they play in one another’s success.
Long-term focused companies should measure success in years and decades and prioritize long-term decision-making.
Principled Compensation
Long-term focused companies should align executive compensation and board compensation with long-term performance.
Shared Vision
Boards of directors of long-term focused companies should be engaged in and have explicit oversight of long-term strategy.
Shareholder Engagement
Long-term focused companies should engage with their long-term shareholders.
Your Impact

Drive system-wide change, one visionary company at a time

Our team members enjoy the satisfaction of applying their diverse backgrounds and skill sets to a compelling cause with tangible results. With each business we help along its journey to building multi-stakeholder value, we create a ripple effect that positively impacts communities, employees, and beyond.
Why An Exchange?

Changing the world isn’t easy, but you’re not alone

LTSE is more than an exchange; it’s a dynamic community of inspired leaders working to build a better future for business.
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