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Convening leaders of companies and leaders of investment to drive bigger returns for a better world.

Welcome to LTSE.

It takes more than a quarter to change the world

You have to innovate beyond your wildest dreams to go public.
But your principles should not have to change when you do.

A principles-based exchange for the future

The Long-Term Stock Exchange is a U.S. national securities exchange focused on building a better world. Our simplified market structure reflects our belief in transparency for the good of investors. We’re reimagining the role of capital markets to advance more equitable and sustainable societies.


High sustainability practices create cost savings, improved performance, and—most importantly—a world in which we can continue to thrive.


Community engagement strengthens alignment among workforce, consumers, and government partners— lowering reputational risk.

Diversity & Inclusion

Profit, innovation, and new market capture are greater at companies with racially diverse leadership and meaningful investment in diversity and inclusion.

Investing in Employees

Professional development initiatives aid in the retention of employees with invaluable institutional knowledge, creating greater productivity.

Rewarding Employees

Shared capitalism programs unite employees and partners in a mission for bigger business outcomes and a better world.

Public listings with higher standards

With best practices and standards shared among principled businesses, we’re creating an environment where the visionaries of today and the idealists of tomorrow can thrive.

Solutions that align long-term strategy and capital

Identify, with precision, how long-term your existing and potential investors are. Build a long-term investor base that aligns with your vision.

Identify how much ESG-aligned capital you have and the larger capital opportunity ahead. Get rewarded for being a long-term leader in the public capital markets.

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Helping you achieve more

At every stage, strategically managing equity and a company’s cap table has an outsized impact on long-term success. That’s why we built LTSE Equity, a complete cap table solution for growing startups to plan, manage, and collaborate on startup equity.

Profit with purpose

We give companies the space and confidence to achieve their long-term goals and the profit which comes from it—a commitment to the collective good.

Which question are you focused on?

How do we manage quarterly guidance?
How do we pursue a long-term strategy  with a sense of urgency?


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