Trading Hours

Order Types
Limit and market
Regular Market
Post Market
8:00 am ET - 9:30 am ET
9:30 am ET - 4:00 pm ET
4:00 pm ET - 5:00 pm  ET
Contact Market Operations
Free / Free
LTSE does not pay or charge participants to interact on our market. Ours is the only national securities exchange operating with a free / free model.
Fully Displayed
We believe in strengthening and contributing to market information that’s public, not proprietary. All orders resting on the Exchange’s Order Book are displayable.
Simple Order Types
We believe in simplicity for the good of the markets and offer only the most common order types and instructions.
Public Market Data
Everyone that participates on our market does so with access to the same quotation and trade data from public market data feeds.

Holiday Trading Schedule

Exchange Holidays and Trading Hours Observed U.S. holidays as listed below for 2023, 2024 and 2025.
New Year's Day
Mon, Jan 2
(New Year's holiday observed)
Mon, Jan 1
Wed, Jan 1
Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
Mon, Jan 16
Mon, Jan 15
Mon, Jan 20
Washington's Birthday
Mon, Feb 20
Mon, Feb 19
Mon, Feb 17
Good Friday
Fri, Apr 7
Fri, Mar 29
Fri, April 18
Memorial Day
Mon, May 29
Mon, May 27
Mon, May 26
Juneteenth National Independence Day
Mon, Jun 19
Wed, Jun 19
Thu, Jun 19
Independence Day
Tue, Jul 41
Thu, Jul 41
Fri, Jul 41
Labor Day
Mon, Sept 4
Mon, Sept 2
Mon, Sept 1
Thanksgiving Day
Thu, Nov 231
Thu, Nov 281
Thu, Nov 271
Christmas Day
Mon, Dec 25
Wed, Dec 251
Thu, Dec 251
1 The Regular Market session will end at 1 pm ET, and the Post-Market session will take place from 1 pm to 2 pm ET. These days include Monday, July 3, 2023; Friday, November 24, 2023; Wednesday, July 3, 2024; Friday, November 29, 2024; Tuesday, December 24, 2024; Thursday, July 3, 2025; Friday, November 28, 2025; and Wednesday, December 24, 2025.