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Leading through crisis: An interview with LTSE CEO, Eric Ries

March 1, 2021

Inflection Point: Responding to COVID-19 An inflection point is defined as “a time of significant change in a situation; a turning point.” Due to COVID-19, startups all over the world are facing tough choices and how they handle this global inflection point will determine their future viability. Through this content series, LTSE will provide new startup founders with tools, resources, and guidance on how to navigate the unprecedented environment.Eric Ries, author of “The Lean Startup” and CEO of LTSE, was interviewed by The Plug, a digital news publication that provides in-depth reporting and analysis on the Black innovation economy. Eric gave his thoughts on how leaders in all stages of their businesses should be looking to play the long game amid the uncertain business climate.

Key takeaways from The Plug’s discussion with Eric Ries
  • Leaders must put people first. Take care of your team, your people, your family.
  • If your business fails, there is still opportunity. Now is the time to work on something impactful that will be useful for the times that we are in.
  • Solve the problems of today and people will remember.

Check out the full interview here: