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Michelle Greene
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Michelle has served as Interim CEO, Board Chair, and President of the Long-Term Stock Exchange. As one of the first employees of LTSE, Michelle led the regulatory process that resulted in LTSE’s approval by the Securities and Exchange Commission, as well as the development and approval of the Exchange’s listing standards. 

Q: How can companies get credit for focusing on long-term success?

A: In today’s capital markets, it’s challenging for visionary companies that truly focus onlong-term goals and also care about how they show up in the world, to get the credit they deserve.

Companies that think about success over decades, rather than quarters, deliver more for their aligned investors, their employees, their customers, and their communities. But how can those key groups tell the difference between the companies and the leaders who “talk the talk” and those who are actually “walking the walk”?

That’s why we created The Long-Term Stock Exchange. We enable visionary companies like to make meaningful commitments that help them stand out and get the credit they deserve.

Q: How can a stock exchange help companies differentiate themselves?

A: Stock exchanges are built on sets of rules. And when you change the rules, you can change the system. Our rules were based on years of experience and decades of research about long-term value creation.

At the Exchange, our principles-based rules are designed to differentiate and reward those companies that build long-term value and care about how they impact their employees, customers, communities, and the environment.

When you list on the Exchange, your company makes commitments about how you conduct your business. And the authority of our exchange — approved by the SEC - backs those commitments and makes them more meaningful.

Of course, what really matters is results. And so we partner with you to develop metrics you care about, then track impact and amplify performance.

Q: How can companies find investors who will support their long-term vision?

A: Today’s public markets often pressure companies to manage at a quarterly cadence. But quarterly stock prices don’t tell a company’s whole story.

When we use our power as a stock exchange to make new rules, we reframe your company’s narrative for success. On the Exchange, accountability is focused on your performance against your own long-term goals.

We believe that companies thinking in decades rather than quarters deserve investors who do the same. This helps you to align with the right investors who will stick with you as you make the sometimes difficult decisions that lead to long-term growth — like investing in innovation and in your employees.

Listing with the Exchange helps you attract those investors who share your vision.

Q: How can companies find other like-minded companies and leaders?

A: LTSE is a community of visionary companies, leaders, and investors. Together, we can change capitalism.

Our shared goal is to help companies achieve their vision, get the credit you deserve, and then together we can show — through results — that focusing on long-term value and a broader group of stakeholders is good for individual companies. And good for us all.

Q: What does the Long-Term Stock Exchange actually do for companies?

A: At LTSE, we work to differentiate you as a visionary leader so that you get the credit you deserve for being a long-term focused company.

We help you to amplify the impact your company is making on those stakeholders that matter the most to you. We partner with you to develop measurable outcomes that you care about. And we help you align with investors who share your vision and your time horizon so you can both grow profits — and leave a legacy.

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