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A Letter to Our Future

August 26, 2021
Eric Ries
Founder and CEO

A Letter to Our Future

We are at a crossroads. Our civilization is on a collision course with advancing threats to our way of life. Simultaneously, short-term thinking has created a dangerous division between founders and investors. Now is the time for bold action that charts a new path. This generation has an amazing opportunity to advance human progress—if we seize it.

Every person has a role to play in this great gathering of will and vision. We need new institutions purpose-built to the challenges of the century to come. Now, more than ever, we need founders, leaders, builders, and believers. It takes passion and initiative to remain focused over the long term. The work of change is too often impeded by the forces of apathy and avarice. All those who sign on to this essential endeavor need supporters and infrastructure standing behind them on the long road ahead.

A new generation of entrepreneurs is shaping their companies around this calling. Leaps of progress require not just work, but the courage to lead. This creates businesses and legacies that persevere. Dustin Moskovitz of Asana believes that “when we work together, we can do great things—things that contribute to a better life for people and the planet.” Jeff Lawson outlines Twilio’s goal “to serve the builders in ordinary times, and even more so in extraordinary times."

Those extraordinary times are upon us. Building is hard, but there is no other way forward. The time to start is now. The time for new institutions is now. The time to think long term is now. For those ready to begin, know that you are not alone. We will stand with you—builders of our future—every step of the way.


LTSE was created to support the next generations of iconic companies with the financial infrastructure they need at every stage of their growth. In a heartfelt letter to present and future founders, our founder and CEO, Eric Ries, commemorates the listings of Asana and Twilio on the Long-Term Stock Exchange by releasing the inaugural Letter to Our Future.