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Founders Forum: Mark Gainey, CEO of Strava

March 1, 2021

Derived from the Swedish word for “strive,” Strava has built the foremost community of athletes in the world. Strava is the number one app for cyclists and runners to train, analyze performance, and connect with a passionate community of athletes.By maintaining a relentless focus on the athlete, Strava has authentically built the deep credibility, trust, and love needed to successfully expand. Their “inch wide, mile deep” focus on their core customer started with cyclists and has grown to a customer base of over 50 million users with a 4.8 star App Store rating.In this Founders Forum interview, Strava co-founder and CEO Mark Gainey dives into the operating mindset that allows a company to thrive a decade on and counting. He discusses the importance of building patience into your model while continuing to execute at the highest level in the near term.