Reflections and resources for Black History Month

Mawulom Nenonene & Teagan Russell
Head of Talent & Operations Manager
Feb 19 2021

In honor of Black History Month, LTSE is taking time to reflect on the long, rich history of Black Americans’ participation in the creation and refinement of the financial systems that undergird the work we do every day. Each of their stories and accomplishments is an integral part of the path we all walk on today. As one of the newest US national securities exchanges, we take inspiration from some of the pioneers in our field. Trailblazers like:

  • Norman McGhee, the founder of the first Black-owned firm to be licensed by the National Association of Securities Dealers in 1952.

  • Lilla St. John, the first Black woman to pass the New York Stock Exchange exam for financial advisors in 1953.

  • Travers Bell and William Daniels, co-founders of the first — and for a long time only — Black-owned member firm of an exchange in 1971.

  • Valerie Mosley, who began her career in finance in the mid-1980s, rose to partner at Wellington Management Company, a $540 billion global investment firm, and is now the founder and CEO of Valmo Ventures.

As we continue to herald and build on their successes, we acknowledge the ongoing systemic inequalities we must dismantle in order to ensure that opportunity is open to everyone. This awareness is central to all of the work we do at LTSE. We are deeply cognizant that real progress will be achieved by addressing these issues not just one month of the year, but every month. That’s why we’ve published our commitments to diversity, equity and inclusion for this upcoming year, as well as reflections and learnings from 2020.

We encourage our team to continue educating themselves, find inspiration, and take action to ensure a brighter and more equitable future for us all. Here are some of the resources recommended by the team at LTSE:




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