Meet LTSE: Ray Shan, Senior Director of Product Management

Oct 05 2021

Courtesy of Ray Shan

In 2015, Ray Shan was a software engineer at a Bay Area startup when he gave a talk to a meetup group for users of D3 – an open-source JavaScript library for visualizing data –  hosted by Andreessen Horowitz. Ray, who began his career trading bonds for Merrill Lynch, stayed in touch with his hosts. Two years later, they asked him if he’d like to meet a team they backed that was building a stock exchange. Ray said yes, and joined LTSE in 2017.

What are your pronouns? He/him/his

What is your job? I build software that builds companies.

Where did you grow up? I grew up in Shenzhen, which is known as “China’s Silicon Valley.” I moved to Florida when I was 13.

What’s one thing you’re proud of? I wrote my first line of code when I was 8 years old. That’s my superpower for translating my ideas into products people use.

What are you working on lately? Expanding LTSE Equity, our software that helps founders make the most out of startup equity. 

How do you start your day? I take a 10-minute walk outdoors, make a cup of coffee – I love my AeroPress – and then catch up with my team on a call.

What are your enthusiasms outside of work? I’m an avid photographer. Here are some of my pictures

What is your best advice for someone starting to work in your field? You don’t need permission to do what you love.

What do you look for in a resume? What you’ve built. It can be a product, a business you started in college, or an open-source project you’ve committed code to. So long as it’s something you’ve built; not something that got built when you happened to be hanging around.

What’s one question you ask in an interview? What is your team’s regular outlet for speaking with customers?

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