Why I joined LTSE

Mawulom Nenonene
Head of Talent
Mar 16 2020

Before we go too deep, let me say that I have nothing against microwave ovens. As appliances go, they do the job they were made for.

But when I imagine a delicious, satisfying meal, it arrives sizzling off the stovetop or from over an open flame. It takes preparation, effort, and attention to detail. Yes, it takes time — there’s no “+30 sec.” button on a stovetop — but the wait is worth it for me.

Early in my career, my approach to work came down to seeking a “job.” But after I began working, I came to appreciate the shortsightedness of that view. The meaning I derived from work came through connection and purpose. My satisfaction correlated positively with the strength of bonds I built with colleagues and customers. Being part of a team that empowered members to unlock their potential motivated me to go beyond the task or project at hand, to achieve, together, something that felt larger than I am; that felt meaningful.

In time, teamship became my why. Whether within a large organization like the U.S. Department of Defense or Google, or later at a series of startups, I made it my career to support people to reach their highest potential, both as part of high-performing teams and as individuals.

Here at LTSE, which I joined recently as head of talent, I am moved by the opportunity to support companies who aspire to build enduring businesses and to share the rewards of that growth with employees, investors, communities, and the public. It’s a vision for companies and investors who believe that long-term thinking is absolutely essential to building sustainable businesses.

It’s also a vision for a fundamental shift on a large scale. In my role, I will be working aside my colleagues to reimagine how we attract, retain, and support people who want to join us in working to build financial infrastructure for businesses that create value over time, do right by stakeholders, and reinforce the best of their cultures.

To say I have received a warm welcome would be an understatement. I am grateful for the tremendous work the team has done thus far and for the opportunity to build with this incredible group of humans who share a commitment to businesses built for the long term.

With inclusion and equity top of mind, I look forward to experimenting, recruiting, and building together. We are on the cusp of a phenomenal shift toward the long term, and I am wholeheartedly thrilled to be part of the work.

If you’d like a confidential sounding board for building balanced teams feel free to reach out directly.

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