Diversity, equity, and inclusion at LTSE: Here and now

Mawulom Nenonene
Head of Talent
Jan 28 2021

In the wake of a year that sparked sustained conversations internally and externally around diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), the team at LTSE took a hard look at ways we can further our own commitments to the DEI space. Here are some of our learnings from 2020 and operating principles we will continue to commit to in 2021.

We got clear on our POV.

We believe that diversity, equity, and inclusion are essential ingredients for the success and longevity of 21st-century companies. Diversity requires representation, but that is only a start. Equity means fair treatment for all. Inclusion refers to a sense of belonging and an environment that promotes psychological safety. When these attributes are truly embodied in company culture, it supports better work and workplaces — leading to higher retention, more diversity of thought, and ultimately more innovation. Employees feel accepted, respected, supported, and acknowledged.

DEI is not a standalone business unit, it’s central to all operations.

In order to fully realize our commitment, we needed to shift from DEI as a task force to integrating it into the regular operations of the company. Making DEI a part of our existing systems and processes is key to truly embedding it in our company culture and operations. For LTSE, this means formally making DEI a function within our Internal Operations team, measured and held accountable like all other core operations.

It’s a learning process.

DEI cannot be achieved through one training or initiative. Rather, it requires a series of ongoing learning. We are forming partnerships with DEI experts to continue to build upon our learnings with additional training for our teams, with a commitment to begin sessions this quarter.

Commitment comes from all parts of the organization.

From iterating on our hiring process to establishing a consistent feedback methodology supporting more productive communication, LTSE recognizes that an inclusive mindset will influence all disciplines within our company. It also has to come from all levels, including prioritization and participation from our executive team to our newest hires.

Data holds us accountable.

All of our initiatives are measured against discrete goals and key results. DEI is no exception. We’ve gone the extra step of creating tools that help ourselves — and other companies — in preventing, identifying, and curing gaps. For instance, our compensation planning platform, OpenComp.com, allows companies to benchmark pay and identify any discrepancies by gender and ethnicity. Our commitment to reporting our progress against these goals quarterly was ambitious. And although we have been able to do it internally — we have not reported our data externally until this quarter. We have since developed processes and systems to ensure we can deliver on this. We commit to reporting our progress internally quarterly and externally biannually.

Internal Employee Diversity Breakdown

In the interest of continued transparency, we are providing insight into our internal diversity data as of November 2020.

This was an optional survey. Employees were allowed to choose multiple identities. We surveyed full-time employees only. If an employee opted not to participate they could choose “prefer not to disclose.”

Cultural Survey

In our most recent survey, we received positive signals on team culture and psychological safety. We continue to work to improve internal support so all employees feel accepted, respected, supported, and acknowledged.

We seek to create the best company for which we’ve all worked, and we cannot achieve that without making DEI an ongoing priority. Our world has been shaped by historical injustices, and while we cannot undo them, we can be mindful of how they have shaped our industry and the broader context in which we find ourselves today.

As a company at the intersection of finance and technology, we have a direct role to play in dismantling systemic inequality. We have made a start, but know we are in a position to do more — and are committed to taking on that work.

If you’d like a confidential sounding board for building balanced teams feel free to reach out directly.

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