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Founders Forum: Greg Piefer, CEO of SHINE

March 1, 2021

SHINE is on an ambitious mission to change the landscape of nuclear technology. Reimagining an industry shrouded in regulation and entrenched viewpoints necessitates a long-term vision. SHINE has a decades-long strategy, masterfully segmented in four distinct phases. Today, their impact is already very deep: their technology delivers critical medical isotopes for diagnosing—and treating—cancer. But long term, SHINE aspires to use nuclear fusion technology to create clean energy.Because of their long-term strategy, SHINE is able to determine the investments that realize benefits immediately, while doing the double duty of ensuring that each investment moves the company forward towards its larger mission.SHINE founder and CEO Greg Piefer gives insight into how to reinvent an entire industry in this Founders Forum interview. He shares the importance of purpose and aligning a long-term vision and team to solve increasingly complex problems.