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We have reimagined the public market incentive system for purpose-driven companies and investors to build capital, innovate for the long term, and amplify impact.


Why a long-term stock exchange?

Focus on the future, not the quarter
The space and confidence to achieve your long-term vision
A signal of serious commitment
Hold your company to a higher standard, with a level of commitment deeper than marketing dollars
Elevated principles, wiser investments
Standards based on your strengths and business objectives, curated for you and a better world

Innovation beyond the speed of trading to the quality of listings

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Better listing standards
Better business
Better results

Capital markets have become increasingly focused on quarterly results. At LTSE, we do things differently. We focus on long-term alignment, giving you room to innovate and drive long-term value.

In a world of increased complexity, we built LTSE to bring focus and impact, a community of companies who walk the walk.

Changing the world isn’t easy. But you don’t have to do it alone.

Our principles

Long-term focused companies should consider a broader group of stakeholders and the critical role they play in one another’s success.

Long-Term Strategy Policy

A policy explaining how the company operates its business to consider all of the stakeholders critical to its long-term success, including:

  • Which stakeholder groups the company considers critical to long-term success
  • The company’s impact on the environment and its community
  • The company’s approach to diversity and inclusion
  • The company’s approach to investing in its employees
Long-term focused companies should measure success in years and decades and prioritize long-term decision-making.

Long-Term Strategy Policy

A policy explaining how the company prioritizes long-term strategic decision-making and long-term success, including discussion of:

  • What time horizon the company considers long-term
  • How the company aligns success metrics with its long-term time horizon
  • How this time horizon relates to the company’s strategic plans
  • How the company implements long-term prioritization throughout the organization
  • The company’s approach to rewarding its employees and other stakeholders for contributing to the company’s long-term success
Long-term focused companies should align executive compensation and board compensation with long-term performance.

Long-Term Strategy Policy

A policy explaining the company’s alignment of executive compensation and board compensation with the company’s long-term success and long-term success metrics.

Boards of directors of long-term focused companies should be engaged in and have explicit oversight of long-term strategy.

Long-Term Strategy Policy

A policy explaining the engagement of the company’s board of directors in the company's long-term focus, including discussion of whether the board and/or which board committee(s), if any, have explicit oversight of and responsibility for long-term strategy and success metrics.

Long-term focused companies should engage with their long-term shareholders.

Long-Term Strategy Policy

A policy explaining how the company engages with long-term investors.

A strength based approach

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