Visionary companies deserve more credit

Is your company getting the credit it deserves?

Today’s capital markets system is broken. In a landscape where quarterly returns reign supreme, many visionary leaders find themselves frustrated by a lack of recognition for investing in long-term progress.
Do you feel like you’re working within a faulty public markets system that puts quarterly returns over long-term progress?
Are you attracting the right investors to support your long-term vision and reward you for making the right decisions for long-term value creation?
Is your company getting credit from all your key stakeholders, including customers and employees, for holding itself to higher standards?
Out of more than 4,000 public companies in the U.S., less than 10 to 15 percent are committed to long-term progress.* If you’re reading this now, your company may have already done the work that qualifies it to join.
*Based on an internal analysis conducted by LTSE Services, Inc., in December 2023.

Benefits of listing on the Long-Term Stock Exchange

Listing on the Long-Term Stock Exchange reaffirms a leadership track record and commitment to achieve long-term impact.
The Long-Term Stock Exchange differentiates companies to help them get the credit they deserve from critical long-term stakeholders.
The Long-Term Stock Exchange brings visionary companies together into a dynamic community that shares a vision of capitalism supporting short and long-term impact.
Dually-listing on the Long-Term Stock Exchange is 100% compatible with incumbent U.S. exchanges.
Your company will have one ticker symbol across all U.S. exchanges - dual listing is streamlined and efficient if you have a values-aligned, mission-driven company, nothing like the IPO process.
Listing on the Long-Term Stock exchange is a straightforward process for companies already doing the work that comes with long-term leadership.

On the Long-Term Stock Exchange, accountability is focused on your performance against your own long-term goals.


Get the credit you deserve for the work you’re doing now

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