LTSE Equity Sunset as of April 30th.

For all data requests, please contact:

LTSE Equity Customers: 

As of April 30, 2024, we no longer support our Cap Table Management solutions or other tools. For this, we have partnered with Astrella to offer you the option for Astrella by Equiniti to become your cap table provider. If you would like a copy of your LTSE Equity data, please reach out to To start the process of transferring to Astrella, please fill out this form. Please note, only account admins can opt-in. If you are a non-admin stakeholder, please reach out directly to your company admins to obtain information regarding your holdings.

We have a nearly four-year working history with the Astrella team and know they will be a great solution for our customers. Astrella will honor our customers' payment terms through your annual renewal date. You’ll have a new login portal, but Anashe Barton will still be your point of contact. Anashe has joined the Astrella team and will be available to help with your transition to Astrella and to support you going forward.

Astrella has a dedicated support team that remains committed to making this transition seamless for you. LTSE Equity began to transfer clients when we first announced this sunset in 2023, and we have developed a seamless process for you. We’ve also developed FAQs to answer some of the questions you may have. 

We appreciate your trust in LTSE Equity and look forward to the possibilities Astrella brings to your equity management needs. If you would like to speak with the team at Astrella, please reach out to Anashe Barton at


The LTSE Equity Team

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is my cap table provider changing?

LTSE Equity is exiting the cap table business to focus its efforts on other parts of its business.  After an intensive review, LTSE Equity selected Astrella to provide continued service to its customers as LTSE Equity believes that Astrella offers the best cap table product and customer service for LTSE Equity customers.

If I agree to transition my company’s account to Astrella, will my existing agreement with LTSE Equity be honored or amended?

The payment terms of your existing agreement will be honored by Astrella through the remainder of your annual term, given you are on a paid plan. If you paid upfront for an annual term, your agreement will be honored, and you will not owe anything until you renew with Astrella at the end of your annual term. If you pay on a monthly basis, Astrella will begin to collect the monthly fee as of the date of your next monthly payment through the remainder of your annual term. If you are a Basic Customer, you will have the option to upgrade your service with Astrella. They do not have a free tier. It is important to opt-in to the transition in order to begin conversations with the Astrella implementation team.

What do I need to do in order to begin the transition process?

Please reach out to and let us know that you would like to start the transition.

What happens after I opt-in?

Your account will be frozen from making any changes. The Astrella implementation team will be added to your account, then, an implementation manager will reach out to you in order to begin the transition process

Will I be required to accept Astrella's Terms of Service, and will the LTSE Equity Terms of Service no longer be in effect?

When you transition your cap table to Astrella, you will be asked to accept Astrella’s Terms of Service. When you’re asked to accept Astrella’s terms, it is for the use of their platform. As mentioned above, the payment terms of your existing agreement with LTSE Equity will be honored for the remainder of your annual term.

How will billing and payment be handled during the transition period?

We have already paused payments for all services. If you were on an annual plan, we will be processing refunds, and you should receive them in the weeks following March 30. 

Should I expect any disruptions in service while switching providers, and how will they be handled?

We will do our best to minimize service disruptions during the transition. If you choose to transition to Astrella, you will have access to the Astrella Support team following your opt-in.

What measures are in place to ensure the security and privacy of my cap table data during the transition?

Data security and privacy are a top priority. LTSE Equity and Astrella both have robust security protocols in place, and we will both comply with all relevant data protection regulations. See Astrella’s privacy policy.

Will my cap table data be shared with third parties during the transition?

Your confidential cap table data will only be shared with authorized personnel involved in the transition process.

What if I choose not to assign my company’s data to Astrella?

If you choose to transfer your data to a provider other than Astrella, please reach out to We will provide you with a copy of your data that is current as of April 30. 

How can we address any privacy concerns or data protection questions during the transition?

You can contact our data protection team or customer support to address any privacy concerns or seek clarifications on data protection measures.

How long do I have to decide whether to transition my company’s cap table data?

We will maintain the data until the end of November 2024. Please reach out to ahead of that date.

What if my cap table is not up to date?

On April 30, we saved all cap table data as of that date.

Who can I reach out to at Astrella?

If you would like to speak with the team at Astrella, please reach out to Jayne Taylor at

Is there a demo of the Astrella platform?

Astrella offers weekly product demos with open-forum Q&A every Wednesday at 11am PT. Use this link to register in advance.