Company mission

Inspiring a new generation of consumers to think secondhand first

ThredUp is changing the way consumers shop and ushering in a more sustainable future for fashion

When James Reinhart was turned away from his local consignment store with an armful of hardly worn clothes, he knew there must be a better way for people and the environment. In 2009, ThredUp set out to modernize resale with technology and is now one of the largest online resale platforms.
As a resale pioneer, ThredUp is upending innovation in retail, the apparel industry, and the planet. They are the vanguard of a movement to help a generation of consumers and retailers embrace a more sustainable, circular future.
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Better policies for greater impact

ThredUp is committed to our mission-oriented approach, making an impact on its people, communities, the planet – and investors.
ThredUp's  Long-Term Policies

With the collective power of ThredUp's stakeholders, they’ll pioneer a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.


ThredUp's impact flows from a long-term outlook: engaging in medium and long-term planning that links back to their overall vision.


Executive and board compensation is linked directly to long-term performance.


Board membership requires a long-term commitment to social and sustainability initiatives and to stockholders.


ThredUp is committed to engaging with long-term and sustainability-focused investors.

Company Mission

ThredUp is creating investor value through a focus on long-term Impact

Making a real impact - environmental:

“The fashion industry is one of the most environmentally damaging sectors of the global economy. By extending the life cycle of apparel, resale is a powerful solution to the industry's wastefulness.”
James Reinhart, CEO & Co-Founder

Making a real impact - social:

“Together, we are a collective inspired by our mission. We believe we all have a purpose in the work we do and the impact it creates.”
Natalie Breece, Chief People + Diversity Officer

Making a real impact - governance:

“Building a business with purpose is not just evidenced in our business model, but also in the values we uphold. Transparency, integrity, and ethical behavior form the underpinnings of our approach and guide our day-to-day operations.”
Alon Rotem, Chief Legal Officer
By the numbers
on average reduction in new carbon emissions by buying and wearing secondhand clothing instead of new*
637M lbs
CO2e displaced by thrifting*
saved by our buyers off estimated retail price**
*Source: Green Story Inc. Life Cycle Assessment 2022
**Source: thredUP

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