It is time for decisive action. Companies have punted too many promises to their stakeholders on the environment, social causes, and who they are building for. By dual-listing on the Long-Term Stock Exchange, we are codifying the critical relationship between ThredUp and our long-term stakeholders and ensuring our success is their success.

James Reinhart, CEO and Cofounder, ThredUp
ThredUp provides end-to-end resale services for sellers, including pricing, merchandising, fulfillment payments, and customer service.
As a managed marketplace, ThredUp buyers and sellers trust ThredUp to deliver value, selection, and quality.
investor relations

About ThredUp

ThredUp is transforming resale with the mission to inspire the world to think secondhand first. By making it easy to buy and sell secondhand, ThredUp has become one of the largest resale platforms for apparel, shoes, and accessories. ThredUp is extending the life cycle of clothing, changing the way consumers shop, and ushering in a more sustainable future for the fashion industry. For more information, visit
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Oakland, CA
Retail, Fashion Resale

Key Metrics


Total Revenue, FY 2023*


Gross Profit, FY 2023*


Total Orders, FY 2023*


Revenue Growth YOY*


Gross Profit Growth YOY*


Order Growth YOY*

*ThredUp Inc., Full Year 2023 Supplemental Financials

ai vision

ThredUp’s AI vision for the future of fashion resale

ThredUp takes an innovative approach to incorporating AI into fashion resale. With a vast amount of data on unique secondhand items and buyer preferences, ThredUp utilizes AI technology to enhance various aspects of its business operations and customer experience.

One key area is in streamlining its single-SKU processing in its network of distribution centers to improve throughput and productivity. ThredUp's advanced AI technologies extract a wide range of detailed characteristics of an item from its image, enriching its inventory database and streamlining the processing and categorization of items. This has improved operational efficiency and the accuracy of its product listings, resulting in better search and personalization in the marketplace.

Additionally, AI is leveraged to bring emotion and storytelling to the millions of shopping journeys that happen on ThredUp. With four million items in the marketplace at any given time, AI-powered search makes it easy and intuitive to find any secondhand item on ThredUp. Generative AI technology will soon give customers the ability to create outfits they love using text descriptions or imagery.

By harnessing the power of AI, ThredUp is able to provide an enhanced shopping experience while optimizing operational efficiency in the fashion resale industry.

ThredUp impact at a glance


secondhand items processed

666M lbs

of CO2e prevented


gallons of water saved


kWh of energy saved


items listed through RaaS program


saved by ThredUp buyers off est. retail prices

By 2028, the global secondhand market will reach $350B*

“The global secondhand apparel market continues to burgeon—a testament to the intrinsic value shoppers find in the secondhand experience and proof of the seismic shift towards a more circular fashion ecosystem. As we celebrate this progress, we also recognize the powerful role the government can play in accelerating the transition to a more sustainable future for fashion. Now in its 12th year, the Resale Report shows some of the most promising signals of what that future could look like with increased levels of support. Until fashion is no longer one of the most damaging sectors of the global economy, we will continue to advocate for the government to help drive adoption and behavior change in fashion. We hope you enjoy this year’s findings and join us on our mission to inspire the world to think secondhand first.”

– James Reinhart, CEO and Cofounder, ThredUp
Read the ThredUp Resale Report
*ThredUp Resale Report 2024

Better policies for greater impact

Inspiring a new generation — of buyers, sellers, brands, shareholders, employees, customers, communities, and other stakeholders — takes guts. It’s a task steeped in a long-term strategy that focuses on purpose-driven profit. Resale pioneer ThredUp is blazing a new trail in the retail industry, promoting a more sustainable, circular future for fashion.

ThredUp’s mission? To inspire the world to think secondhand first. The fashion world, much like investing, is held captive by the short term. It’s a dynamic that ThredUp is hoping to fix, as outlined in its long-term policies.
Read ThredUp’s LTSE Listings Policies

ThredUp’s long-term policies

Policy 1: 

With the collective power of ThredUp's stakeholders, they’ll pioneer a more sustainable future for the fashion industry.
Policy 2: 

ThredUp's impact flows from a long-term outlook: engaging in medium and long-term planning that links back to their overall vision.
Policy 3: 

Executive and board compensation is linked directly to long-term performance.
Policy 4: 

Board membership requires a long-term commitment to social and sustainability initiatives and to stockholders.
Policy 5: 

ThredUp is committed to engaging with long-term and sustainability-focused investors.

A long-term partnership built on results

LTSE methodology drives best-in-class investor quality
Listing on the Long-Term Stock Exchange allows qualifying companies to authentically communicate their vision with stakeholders who share a passion for long-term value creation. These companies exemplify leadership and distinguish themselves as trailblazers of a new era, with like-minded investors helping them take the next step forward.


Greater public investor quality in ThredUp versus investor quality in ThredUp’s publicly traded peers*


Greater public investor quality in ThredUp in comparison to the investment behavior across the entirety of these investors’ portfolio holdings*


Percentage of ThredUp’s Top 25 sub-fund holders whose investment behavior in ThredUp is significantly accretive to long-term investor quality*
*Measured via LTSE Long-Term ScoreSM as applied to LTSE proprietary data-sets, FactSet, and relevant SEC filings
  1. We focus exclusively on actively managed investors when analyzing investor quality. We specifically exclude passive investors since their investment decisions are tied to a benchmark index (i.e. Russell or S&P Indices). We also exclude all insider ownership. This allows for a true apples-to-apples data driven analysis between ThredUp and its public comp group.
  2. Investor quality is measured using the proprietary LTSE Long-Term Score℠.  We track the long-term behavior of every 13F eligible institutional investor at the sub-fund level.
ThredUp measures LTSE's impact by increasing share of new values-aligned consumers
LTSE and ThredUp collaborated to establish measurable outcomes that align with ThredUp's long-term strategy.
Outperformance on purchases versus target goal based on a 30-day lookback methodology**
Lower cost-per-acquisition (CPA) beat the Google provided benchmark**
Individuals exposed to the co-branded campaign are more likely to search for ThredUp than those who have not been exposed**
Of those that are interacting with the campaign, they are 1.6x more likely to be a Green Living Enthusiast (targeted Google segment)**
The public listings launch was placed at CNBC, Crunchbase News, Seeking Alpha, Yahoo Finance, and PR Newswire. The release was picked up by 405 outlets and generated 3,009 verified views.**
**Google YouTube Brand Lift Study, June 2023
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