Frequently asked questions
What is LTSE?

LTSE helps builders create lasting businesses and empower long term-focused investors, with software tools and a coalition of investors who are committed to creating value over time. LTSE is also an affiliate of the Long-Term Stock Exchange.

What are LTSE Tools?

LTSE Tools is our software platform for company builders. Nearly 50,000 business builders use LTSE Tools to operationalize best practices for everything from cap table management to runway planning, diversity and inclusion in hiring, mapping out an initial public offering, and identifying and partnering with long term-focused investors. Learn more about LTSE Tools here.

What is the Long-Term Investor Coalition (LTIC)?

The LTIC is a network of institutional investors that share LTSE's mission of empowering long term-focused companies and commitment to creating value over time. To learn how your firm can participate, please email us.

Where can I learn more about the Long-Term Stock Exchange?

For information about the Long-Term Stock Exchange, visit the exchange website.