There are insights we can only get from working with people who bring different perspectives.
Martin Alvarez
Chief Commercial Officer
We believe each individual’s perspective makes us collectively better
We are looking for great people who want to contribute to fundamental change in the financial markets – team players who are committed, flexible, grounded, and embrace working with the culture of both coasts.
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We are on a bold mission to change the capital markets ecosystem. Employees at LTSE bring their expertise and craft to a multidisciplinary, collaborative team of believers that ship. Building the exchange for generations to come requires us to also build a diverse team across fields spanning technology, finance, legal, and ESG.

Even in large organizations across the many industries where she worked previously, Carol was often the only woman in the room “and one of only a few POC. I know firsthand the difficulty of managing your sense of otherness and code switching to put others at ease.” She sought a different experience and, after more than two decades of focusing primarily on work, better balance, too.

At LTSE, she’s found what she was looking for, along with the most stimulating environment of her career. “Every day I learn something new because my colleagues are both experts in their respective fields and collaborative. I also feel valued for both my inherent diversity as a woman and a person of color and my acquired diversity of professional experience.”

My teenagers didn’t know how to ride bikes because I wasn't available when they should've learned. High on my list of criteria for a new role was a firm that values me as a whole person.
Carol Suchit-Hudson
Head of Information Security

Carolyn came to LTSE from Obama’s White House Office of Management and Budget. She planned to continue in a public service role, but when she learned about LTSE, “was intrigued by a private company that offered a similar mission-oriented environment to what I’d experienced in government.”

She was also drawn to the company’s commitment to a culture that prizes the places where personal and professional connections between colleagues intersect. "Homogenous groups make people who aren't in the “club” feel like outcasts.

Beginner’s mindset is impossible if everyone looks and thinks the same way." Having benefited from “selfless and powerful support by incredible women,” Carolyn values passing it on.

Carolyn Dee
Chief of Staff
We are constantly learning and growing, but treating people well stays at the core of our values.

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Lindsay has spent her career at the intersection of brand, product, and business. As LTSE’s Head of Marketing, she’s helping to build something “entirely new. When I first learned about LTSE, I thought: this is a necessary force of good for companies and the world at large.”

LTSE’s values have created deep bonds between Lindsay and her colleagues. Company policies that focus on wellbeing and accountability have created a radically transparent approach to work that encourages everyone to bring their perspectives and strengths to the table.

Lindsay believes a supportive culture leads to stronger, more innovative solutions based on a wide-range of insights. Part of her mission is ensuring every point of view is heard.

Lindsay Liu
Head of Marketing
My lived and professional experiences—as a woman, person of color, first-generation American—allow me to take unique approaches to problem solving, and I have come to embrace this.

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As a minority who has lived on 3 continents, Ola’s life has been enriched by exposure to many different cultures and perspectives. In his work for LTSE, he’s always aware that “diversity comes in various forms, and the more diverse a team or organization is, the more creative they’ll be.”

As a specialist in data analysis and insights, Ola was drawn to LTSE’s vision for freeing companies from the pressures of financial growth so that they need not compromise their founding values. The same commitment to values drew him to the company personally.

Working with an organization that encourages experimentation and supports its employees wholly has pushed him to work towards products and solutions for a more diverse future for everyone.

The passion and creative freedom afforded to individuals within LTSE aligns with my values and the community that I want to be a part of.
Ola Sotoye
Data Analyst Lead

A proud New Yorker, Nawreen lives in one of the most diverse areas of the city. There, she finds “meaning and resonance for the richness and modalities of my identity.” This vibrant, multi-faceted perspective has made LTSE an ideal landing spot for her at a time when she feels the next phase of capitalism must be established collectively. That includes ensuring that organizations lead by example.

As LTSE works towards realigning not just the financial markets but the expectations for what our future can bring on so many fronts, Nawreen notes, “our teams should reflect the world we live in and are trying to impact.”

Nawreen Sattar
Regulatory and Compliance Counsel
Respect, transparency, accountability, collaboration and inclusivity are not just words on a page. These values permeate all facets of our work.

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Alicia brings deep knowledge of marketing, human resources, finance, and product development to her commercial operations role at LTSE. Previously, she was Chief of Staff to the CEO at Label Insight. She also held that position, followed by COO, at 511 Capital, where she built and led a team to manage operations and financial performance across all portfolio companies. Alicia gained additional experience at Fathom Communications, where she led operations for the financial and creative teams. Alicia holds a BA in Economics from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Alicia Diamond
Head of Operations
Our culture at LTSE is just one element of how we’re building a better type of company. It reflects the dynamism of our team and our commitment to continuous, intentional evolution as we grow.

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Benefits of working with LTSE

  • Entrepreneurial, mission-driven team
    We are a team of builders who relish solving big problems that advance the society at large.
  • Flexibility
    LTSE is committed to fostering a people-first work environment, offering flexible working arrangements and paid parental leave.
  • Sustainable Pace
    We have a Minimum Vacation Policy, which requires our team to take at least three weeks of PTO per year (in addition to company holidays).
  • Investment in our leaders
    We believe in developing our people by championing a growth mindset and fostering a sense of personal and professional awareness.
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