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Individual perspectives make us collectively better.

We are looking for bold people to drive fundamental change in the financial markets. Team players who are committed, flexible, and grounded, creating a culture built on the free exchange of ideas.

Nawreen Sattar
Secretary of the Exchange
“Respect, transparency, accountability, collaboration, and inclusivity are not just words on a page. These values permeate all facets of our work.”
Pavitra Bhalla
Director of Engineering, LTSE Equity
“The work-life balance at LTSE has enabled my growth both personally and professionally. Being able to help entrepreneurs build better, more equitable, and long-term sustainable businesses keeps me inspired.”
My teenagers didn’t know how to ride bikes, because I wasn’t available when they should have learned. High on my list of criteria for a new role was a firm who values me as a whole person.
Carol Suchit-Hudson
Head of Information Security
Arjun Mehta
Product Design Lead
"This is an environment where learning is considered a unit of success, and one that inherently values experimentation and growth. I’m surrounded by world class collaborators who also happen to be very nice."
Alicia Diamond
VP, Operations
“Our culture at LTSE is just one element of how we’re building a better type of company. It reflects the dynamism of our team and our commitment to continuous, intentional evolution as we grow.”
LTSE gave me an opportunity to bring what I’ve learned through decades of experience to a mission-based startup.
Martin Alvarez
Chief Commercial Officer

LTSE Diversity by the numbers

Benefits of working with LTSE

Entrepreneurial, mission-driven team

We are a team of builders who are embracing the complexity required to advance society at large.


LTSE is committed to fostering a people-first work environment, offering flexible working arrangements and paid parental leave.

Sustainable pace

We have a Minimum Vacation Policy, which requires our team to take at least three weeks of PTO per year (in addition to company holidays).

Investment in our leaders

We believe people flourish with a growth mindset, fostering a sense of personal and professional awareness.

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