Creating a stock exchange designed for companies that are built to last

LTSE seeks to transform the structures of the public market, allowing companies to realize their full potential as businesses and citizens.
Comprised of industry veterans with deep expertise in finance, regulation, law, and technology, LTSE is seeking SEC approval to build a new exchange.
A new stock exchange is more than a platform for trading shares
It's a chance to build a new relationship between companies that are built to last and the stakeholders who believe in them.

We believe a new ecosystem reflecting this relationship is critical for the continued growth of American companies. Today's companies deserve a public market where they are rewarded for making smart choices that embrace their futures - choices to innovate, to invest in their employees, to seed future growth.

And if they're not around for the long haul, their true value will go not just untapped - by everyone from those saving for retirement to institutional investors - but unrealized.

A market that reduces short-term pressures and encourages a steady cycle of innovation and investment in long-term value creation will benefit companies and their investors alike. By creating a new set of standards (subject to SEC approval) designed to support the methods of experimentation and scaling that modern companies use to find continuous success, the LTSE aims to open the way for innovation and value creation for all companies, far into the future.