May 10, 2019
A stock exchange for a new generation of public companies
More than a market; a movement
LTSE is marking a milestone in our mission to enable 21st-century companies to thrive.

On May 10, 2019, the Securities and Exchange Commission approved the Long-Term Stock Exchange's application for registration as a national securities exchange, making the exchange one of only a handful of U.S. exchanges qualified to conduct listings and authorizing the company to operate a platform for buying and selling shares.

The approval furthers a journey LTSE began three years ago, when we set out to help companies build lasting businesses and empower long term-focused investors by creating an ecosystem in which businesses are built to last.

That ecosystem includes our software platform, LTSE Tools, which nearly 50,000 business builders use for everything from cap table management to runway planning to diversity and inclusion in hiring. It also encompasses our Long-Term Investor Coalition, which comprises institutional investors that share a commitment to creating value over time.

In short, we are building a market where companies are rewarded for choosing to innovate, to invest in their employees, and to seed future growth. And where companies can run their businesses with the stewardship that similarly aligned shareholders, stakeholders and society demand.

Our vision is that companies in every industry will be able to go public while continuing to prioritize and pursue strategies for long-term success. That's a step forward for all of us.
Eric Ries
CEO and founder, LTSE