We're building a new stock exchange

We're building a new stock exchange.

LTSE continues to build a long-term focused public capital market that works for all participants. Our application to the Securities and Exchange Commission for registration as a national securities exchange marks another step in that journey.

Modern companies think long-term.

Soon the market will too.

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An exchange for the next generation of companies.

Where the power of your company meets the power of the market.

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Our mission is to enable bold, visionary companies that are built in an ethical, sustainable way, to thrive.

Eric Ries

Eric Ries

Founder of LTSE and author of The Lean Startup
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We build software for building companies.

Tools to support your vision and the way you work.

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Let's change the public company experience.

Let's change the public company experience.

The LTSE is creating a new way for companies to be public.
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