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Great companies are built by passionate people, and we're building the tools to help them.
Creating a lasting, high-value enterprise requires continual investment, both in products to attract customers, and in the sustaining organization behind those products. We're building a software platform for company builders.
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Our mission is to enable the next generation of bold, visionary companies to thrive. Each tool is something we choose to invest in to create eco-system reform, a fundamental part of our mission.
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screenshot app is a free, fully-featured cap table management tool that enables step-by-step creation, easy collaboration & sharing, convertible note & option calculators, and powerful round & exit modeling.
  • tools iconEasy setup and import
  • tools iconOption plan management
  • tools iconRound and exit modeling
  • tools iconIntegrated 409A valuations
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The process blends the best of software and human expertise. Each 409A valuation takes an hour or less of your time to submit, is delivered in days not weeks, and is customised to the nuances of your individual startup.
  • tools iconIndustry leading team
  • tools iconOnline submission
  • tools iconDraft valuation review
  • tools icon5 day turnaround
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screenshot app
Most startups die from running out of cash. is an easy, visual way to plan and manage your startup's most precious resource, explore scenarios and track planned versus actual spending.
  • tools iconEasy, visual interface
  • tools iconExplore scenarios
  • tools iconPlan versus actuals
  • tools iconExtend your runway
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screenshot app is a headcount planning tool for startups with built-in market data. It helps founders adopt a structured compensation plan, pay people fairly and preserve cash and equity runway.
  • tools iconEasy, visual interface
  • tools iconPay your team fairly
  • tools iconBuilt-in market data
  • tools iconExplore scenarios
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