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Building a company to last

Founder’s guide to selling your startup

Twitch co-founder Justin Kan on how to navigate through the acquisition process.

Justin Kan
Founder's guide to the Y Combinator interview

Tips from Justin Kan on convincing the partners that you're a founder who can build a big business.

Justin Kan
Founder’s guide to productive board meetings

Take control of these meetings by laying down the ground rules of how they’re run.

Justin Kan
Founder’s guide to the pre-IPO secondary market

What to know about selling your stock to back your company or another buyer before going public.

Founder’s guide to a successful all-hands meeting

Twitch and Atrium co-founder Justin Kan on how your all-hands can shape company culture.

Justin Kan
Founder’s guide to allocating co-founder equity

Put your company in position to attract talent, garner investment capital, and build teams.

Founder’s guide to fundraising

Techniques from serial entrepreneur Justin Kan to produce the best fundraising results.

Justin Kan
How to live diversity and inclusion values

Ellen Pao on why diversity and inclusion should be a priority—and how to be proactive.

Ellen Pao
Software News
The latest news for our community

Tara Teich: LTSE Software's new VP of engineering

A Stripe and Apple veteran, Tara Teich joins LTSE to oversee the engineering team.

How work and workers have adapted to the crisis

3 alternatives to layoffs in a crisis

How founders treat people now will affect perceptions of the company in the post-pandemic world.

Tiho Bajić
Hiring and onboarding talent during a crisis

Advice on building a culture-driven hiring plan and onboarding talent remotely.

Mawulom Nenonene
Social giving during a crisis

Tips on giving back and taking action from Airbnb's Director of 21st Century Community Initiatives.

Janaye Ingram
Easily adjust your hiring plan

How can help strategize everything from benefits to financial plans.

Leslie Castellanos
Leading through crisis

Eric Ries, LTSE's CEO, on playing the long game in uncertain times.

Eric Ries
Insights from industry leaders

Q&A with Basecamp: Startup life

David Heinemeier Hansson, creator of Ruby on Rails and Basecamp on competition, growth, and more.

David Heinemeier Hansson
Kevin Busque: 2nd-time founder learnings

TaskRabbit co-founder and Guideline CEO on work-life balance, decision-making, and focus.

Kevin Busque
Q&A with Ripple: Crypto exchanges

SVP of Product, Asheesh Birla, on the internet of value, crypto exchanges, and decentralization.

Asheesh Birla
Q&A with Segment: Keys to growth

Segment co-founder, Peter Reinhardt, on the early days, finding product-market fit, and fundraising.

Peter Reinhardt
How YouTube nearly became another dating site

YouTube founder Steve Chen on how he started the company, how he scaled it, and the Google deal.

Steve Chen
Zuora: Creating the subscription economy

Zuora's CEO talks storytelling, the subscription economy, and why founders should “date” their VC.

Tien Tzuo
Homebrew: Investing, careers, and the journey

Hunter Walk on misconceptions about seed investing, appreciating the journey, and Conan O’Brien.

Hunter Walk
Demo Day tips from past YC founders

What founders wish they had known.

Six startup tips from YC founder Sam Altman

Growing companies is just as important as starting companies.

Sam Altman
Fundraising and rejections with Steve Huffman

Co-founder and CEO of Reddit Steve Huffman shares tips on running and building a startup.

Steve Huffman
Ashton Kutcher: How (and why) I invest in startups

A lot of people ask me how I choose to invest in startups. Here's my formula.

Ashton Kutcher
Growing talent and teams

Can my company have unpaid interns?

The 7-factor test to determine the primary beneficiary of interns at a for-profit company.

7 tips for creating a good candidate experience

Examples of ways to make the interview process beneficial for everyone.

Building a culture that inspires meaningful work

Prioritize balance, facilitate creativity, and motivate teams with context about their impact.

3 common challenges in engineering management

An Elegant Puzzle author Will Larson on ways to handle the challenges engineering managers face.

Will Larson
What is at-will employment?

The default rule in the United States between an employer and employee. 

Managing startup equity for the long-term

What is your startup’s share price?

The worth of your company’s stock may depend on who’s asking… and why.

Ray Shan
How SAFEs will convert at Series A

How to raise more money with less dilution.

Pavitra Bhalla
A guide to cap tables for the busy founder

What you should care about now, and what you can leave for later.

Marcus Gosling
A 4-step plan for the startup stock option process

Get the process correct from the start to avoid mistakes later.

Marcus Gosling
Who should get vesting acceleration?

A look at the types of acceleration and the market trends that surround each.

What is common stock?

Along with preferred shares, common stock is one of the main types of stock a company can issue.

What is an option pool?

It refers to the number of shares that a company sets aside to issue in the future.

What is a standard vesting schedule?

It's the provision that explains why most stock vests in four years with a one-year cliff.

What is a liquidation preference?

A look at this feature of preferred stock that specifies how much the holder is entitled to be paid.

Can I pay for stock with intellectual property?

You can pay for shares with your invention. Here are some considerations that come into play.

What type of equity should be issued to founders?

How founders are issued and own their shares.

What is a capitalization table?

A critical snapshot of who holds what securities of a company at a given time.

What is a 409A valuation?

How to assess a company's value in order to set the price of common stock shares.

What is vesting?

Vesting is a contractual mechanism by which a person earns the right to keep their company equity. 

Planning your runway

Real advice for founders from VC partners

Tips on pitching investors from partners at Benchmark, NEA, Andreessen Horowitz, and Accel.

Mastering your first term sheet

Your term sheet provides a foundation for future rounds of financing. Here's how to get it right.

How to improve your startup valuation

Having a better plan can improve your valuation, and help you build a better company.

Why you should be cautious about raising money

Bessemer Ventures Partner Ethan Kurzweil on why raising too much money can hurt, too.

Ethan Kurzweil
Product pricing for startups: value metrics

Strategies for pricing your products, starting with a primer on value metrics from ProfitWell's CEO.

Patrick Campbell
The metrics that should be in your pitch deck

A guide to understanding the measures that compel investors to invest in startups.

How to raise a seed round

From gauging your readiness to refining your narrative, this guide can help.

Raising U.S. funding as an international startup

One important question—and seven steps to get on the path to fundraising in the U.S.

Justin Kan
Five fundraising mistakes—and how to avoid them

Lessons from founders they wish they had known themselves.

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