Senior TechOps Engineer

Location: San Francisco, CA or New York, NY

Hiring Manager: Software Engineering Manager

LTSE is a mission-driven company devoted to bringing together companies that want to build long-term value with investors who want to invest for the long-term. As the first TechOps engineer at LTSE you will build a conscientious, feedback-driven culture to support our cloud-based infrastructure. You will be responsible for CI/CD pipelines for multiple tools and services, operate performance-critical applications with sensitive data in the cloud, and grow an industry-leading operation team.

Our team is small and you will be a key member, fully participating in the design and evolution of our tools and practices. Our engineers believe in writing tests, refactoring mercilessly, and that the best code is the code you never have to write. We are a fast-moving startup, but we also prioritize sustainable development, taking advantage of the efficiencies of a small team to have a disproportionate impact.


  • Operations
    • Expert with AWS, GCP and/or PaaS that operate on top of them
    • Ability to empathetically communicate across multiple professional cultures
    • Experience and a point of view on architecting, evolving, and scaling performance-critical applications in the cloud
    • Experience in a high-availability, critical production operations role
  • Engineering
    • Iterative Development
    • Continuous Integration and Deployment
    • Strong understanding of networking, both hardware and in a cloud environment
    • Experience writing infrastructure as code
  • Leadership
    • Experience building diverse, small, and highly-performing teams

Reasons you might be a great fit:

  • You believe in our mission and want to be a part of a fundamental change in the financial markets
  • You have previously built a cloud system and scaled it to support significant traffic with high uptime
  • You already embrace Lean Startup methodology, experimentation and feedback-oriented development and think you will thrive in a high accountability culture designed for continuous improvement
  • You like working with complex systems and are always looking to increase your understanding of how to adapt to failures
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