August 29, 2019
LTSE raises an additional $50 million in funding
The latest investment affirms the potential for a new generation of companies and long-term investors
We started LTSE with a wild idea: to realign public capital markets around the needs of a generation of company builders and investors who measure success in years and decades, not financial quarters.

Since then, the idea has come to seem a little less out there. We hear over and over again from companies and investors that short-term pressures get in the way of long-term decision-making.

We recently closed a Series B round that added $50 million to LTSE's funding. Founders Fund, our lead for the Series A round, led the Series B with participation from insiders Collaborative Fund, Andreessen Horowitz, Obvious Ventures, Uprising, and Initialized.

We are humbled and grateful to everyone who has backed the framework for reform that would create a new social contract between long term-focused companies and investors. We will use the investment to continue developing an ecosystem that creates a climate for their success and comprises the Long-Term Stock Exchange, software tools and services, and a coalition of high-growth private companies and large public investors.

We aim to offer modern companies and investors in every industry the best of being a private company even after going public. We also hope that spurring such companies to go public will enable all Americans to benefit from the prosperity these companies hold the potential to create.

A new generation of companies aspire to serve customers, build their businesses and advance their visions over time. They want to run their businesses with the stewardship that stakeholders and society demand.

We are building LTSE to unite bold ideas with patient capital. The scale of the potential for companies, shareholders and society is vaster than we could have imagined.
Eric Ries
CEO and founder, LTSE